Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Search and Rescue
Our mission is to relocate people from the snow areas to the tropical climate.

Land, Sea and Air Accidents

We will continue to investigate incidents and insure that the survivors not suffer from injury, abuse, assault, kidnapping; loss of food, housing, clothing, cash; robbery, starvation, lack of sleep; exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh conditions, poor health or needed perscriptions.

VOLUNTEERS: Basic Skills
Reasearch and Information Gathering
Making Estimates of Amounts, Distances, Time or Costs
Public Speaking
Interpreting Information
Organizing Information
Activity Scheduling
Judging Quality
Assisting and Caring For Others

Team Development
Coordinating Others
Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving
Consulting or Advising
Compiling Information
Information Processing
Guiding Subordinates

BC Expeditions
Search and Rescue
Relocation Project
Public Spaces Project
Historic Preservation Project

CREW: Medical
Get Fresh Air
Don't Allow Your Fingers and Toes to get Frostbitten
Don't Allow Yourself to be Bitten by Mosquitoes, Spiders, Wasps or Bees
Stay Out of the Range of Flys, Ants, Roaches and Rats
Never Touch Birds, Dogs, Cats or Horses Without Proper Protection
Don't Allow Yourself to be Cut or Bruised
Stay Away From Poison Oak and Poison Ivy
Stay Away From Rattlesnakes and Lizards
Don't Swim in the Ocean Without Diving Gear
Don't Walk on Beach Sand With Bare Feet
Keep a Moderate Room Temperature
Use an Air Conditioner if the Climate is Hot
Get Eight Hours of Sleep
Take a 1/2 Hour Nap
Exercise Your Neck, Shoulders and Waistline for Proper Posture
Prevent Accidents Indoors and Outdoors
Drink Plenty of Water
Drink Coffee or Tea in Moderation
Drink Alcohol and Smoke Cigarettes in Moderation
Eat Three Meals a Day
Beware of Food Poisoning
Lose Weight If You Are Overweight
Gain Weight If You Are Underweight
Brush After Each Meal
Gargle In The Morning
Keep Your Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth Clean
Get Rid of Any Skin Infections, Wrinkles or Acne
Take an Aspirin If You Are In Pain
Abstain From Sex
Go To Confession, Receive Communion, Celebrate Mass or Talk To a Chaplain if Necessary
See a Doctor if Necessary
Keep Germs Away
Use an Oxygen-Supplying Mask in an Environmental Emergency

Each Volunteer is given a bed with pillow and blanket, clothing, food and cash

GMBR Bush Pilots Search and Rescue
DAPS FED 310791 DLA FQMB20N KH160479
NTC20FABA 501AF624 PSMP0006709463
FCC0016278160 EIN 38-5602172

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